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AOL Radio:Top 500 Love Songs List

音樂頻道AOL Radio在前一陣子,票選了500大情歌。在這名單中,各個年代的優秀歌手都有經典代表作上榜!當然我家惠妮也有多首代表作入選,只是這名單還蠻讓我訝異的,像是Aretha Franklin,Mary J. Blige這兩位女伶,竟然都沒有任何單曲入選這份名單耶...

The top 500 love songs may incorporate anything from heavy '80s synth beats to blue-eyed soul-infused tracks, but all encapsulate the rush of new love and the satisfaction of having the perfect partner in your life, some even agonizing over a heart-rending relationship.

Whether it's the soft rock of Air Supply and Celine Dion, the contemporary R&B soul of All-4-One and Mariah Carey, or even country pop genre-benders LeAnn Rimes and Faith Hill, all 500 of the following songs can be heard on AOL's Love Songs radio station. To make it easy to find the track you're looking for, we've sorted this list alphabetically by artist name. After all, as Elton John puts it, you may just find 'Your Song.'

Happy Birthday to Whitney!

轉眼間,又到了咱家天后Whitney Houston聖誕千秋的日子!

於六月結束NBL撈錢巡演之旅的阿惠,日子過得挺愜意的!可能是撈錢之旅賺夠了,惠媽帶著女兒Bobbi Kristina四處遊山玩水,在本月初於某地的機場,被粉絲拍到一張模糊到不能在模糊的照片(如下圖)。