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About "Sparkle" Movie Remake

咱家天后Whitney Houston已經與"Sparkle"劇組正式簽約囉!
此消息除了各大娛樂網站證實外,"Sparkle"劇中扮演惠媽女兒的Jordin Sparks,也親自上網推文證實此消息囉~
From Jordin Sparks 's twitter:
I'm gonna be in a movie with Whitney Houston. I can die happy. :)

Source:Jordin Sparks 's twitter

'American Idol's' Jordin Sparks to Star Opposite Whitney Houston in 'Sparkle'

久未露面的咱家天后Whitney Houston,除了在家修身養性外,也秘密洽談了新的電影拍攝計畫!

Jordin Sparks will play the lead role in Sparkle, a remake of the 1976 film inspired by the story of the Supremes.

The original Sparkle centered on the three Williams sisters, who begin singing in their church choir in Harlem in the late 1950s and become a successful girl group. Their sudden rise unravels their personal lives.