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Whitney Houston biopic director Angela Bassett talks casting, drugs, family, and Bobby Brown

曾與惠媽一起演出電影【等待夢醒時分Waiting To Exhale】的女星Angela Bassett,日前宣布將執導關於惠媽生平的電視電影。消息一出,中外惠媽歌迷一片譁然......

Ever since Angela Bassett announced she would direct a Lifetime film on beloved singer Whitney Houston, diehard fans—and most of the Internet—have speculated on nearly every aspect of the film. Who would play Houston, with her prodigious voice and winning smile? Would her daughter Bobbi Kristina appear in the movie? Would her family be involved? How would her ex-husband, singer-songwriter Bobby Brown, be depicted? And what of Houston’s death in 2012—would that make it to the small screen?

Kelly Rowland: Whitney memory is everything

Kelly Rowland loves the fact she can return to the hotel that Whitney Houston sang to her in and relive the moment.前天命真女團員凱莉羅蘭Kelly Rowland,在出席慈善活動時受訪談及了初見她的偶像Whitney Houston的情景.....

Fan buys Whitney Houston's '80s style mansion

One of the late singer's biggest fans purchased her New Jersey estate, which has been vacant for years, for $1.5 million. Check out the photos below for Whitney Houston's '80s superstar style!