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Whitney in studio with Rodney Jerkins

曾與咱家天后Whitney Houston在(1998) My Love Is Your Love專輯合作過的製作人之一Rodney Jerkins,再次在錄音室聚首囉...

It is the turn of a new partnership ?????

After "It's Not Right But It's ok" and "If I Told You That" it seems that Whitney and Rodney are back in contact and the possibility of a new partnership is not so daring! A frcelo Jerkins know is just from his Twitter profile where a few hours ago he published these messages:

Nothin' But Love

許久沒上Twitter的Bobbi Kristina,重新上線推文的首要,就是向世人宣告,她有多愛阿惠,有多愛她的家人。


Whitney Houston In Out-Patient Rehab Program


Whitney Houston has checked herself in to an out-patient rehabilitation program ... but it's not for drugs or alcohol ... TMZ has learned.

【Video】Whitney Houston & Chaka Khan Sings at Prince's Concert

Whitney once again attended a Prince concert and just sung “Tell Me Something Good” with Chaka Khan while opening for Prince.

Forest Whitaker Directing And Whole Cast Returning For “Waiting To Exhale” Sequel

惠妮迷們!我們可以開始尖叫了,惠媽在1995年掛頭牌演出的電影"Waiting To Exhale",原著小說作者Terry McMillan在2010年推出的續集作品"Getting Happy",除了早就確定要拍成電影上映外,目前更有消息傳出,"Waiting To Exhale"原班人馬的卡司(導演、演員)都將回鍋進行續集"Getting Happy"電影版的拍攝喔!

【New Picture】Whitney Houston Heading to medical building in Beverly Hills

Whitney Houston Heading to medical building in Beverly Hills.(3 May,2011)

就在上週二(3 May,2011),惠媽前往位於比佛利山莊的醫療大樓,依時間點來看,阿惠極可能是去所謂的勒戒中心/門診。