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Sparkle Has A Release Date!

根據國外電影網站的訊息揭露,咱家天后Whitney Houston回歸大螢幕的首部電影作品"Sparkle",將在2012年的8月10日上映,而這天也是惠妮滿49歲生日隔天喔!

Many movie information outlets (reliable ones), are saying Sparkle has a release date of August 10, 2012 the day after Whitney’s birthday! Many of us thought it would be around Thanksgiving 2012, but it seems as if we will get an earlier treat than expected!

Whitney Houston #1 Singles - Exhale (Shoop Shoop)

16年前(November 25, 1995),咱家天后Whitney Houston憑藉著"Exhale (Shoop Shoop)"這首單曲,拿下生平第11首全美冠軍單曲!

Whitney Houston enjoying family feel on Detroit set of 'Sparkle'

Whitney Houston, right, and producer Debra Martin Chase at the Music Hall.(咱家天后Whitney Houston與'Sparkle'Movie的製作人Debra Martin Chase在片廠的合照。)

Whitney on Extra TV

咱家天后Whitney Houston為了重返大螢幕的首部作品"Sparkle",與Derek Luke一同接受娛樂頻道Extra TV專訪。

Singer Whitney Houston is making a triumphant return to the big screen!

Houston sat down with "Extra's" AJ Calloway, and revealed, "I've matured in so many ways. I'm good where I am at this moment."

Whitney on The Insider Tonight!

咱家天后Whitney Houston為了重返大螢幕的首部作品"Sparkle",與Jordin Spark一同接受娛樂頻道The Insider專訪。

Plans for a remake of the 1976 film Sparkle were scrapped with the tragic death of R&B superstar Aaliyah, who was the project's first choice as the lead. 10 years later, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks takes on the legendary role and co-star Whitney Houston says it couldn't be a more "perfect" fit.

Access Hollywood: Full Interview | Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston chats with Access Hollywood on the set of ‘Sparkle’ in Detroit on November 10, 2011.

Whitney Houston will soon make her triumphant return to the big screen after 15 years in “Sparkle,” and only Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson was on the movie’s set in Detroit to talk with the global superstar about her movie comeback.

More "Sparkle" interviews to come!

(圖:Access Hollywood記者Shaun Robinson與其父母和惠媽的合照/Access Hollywood correspondent Shaun Robinson posted this photo on Twitpic.)

Entertainment Tonight專訪後,咱家天后Whitney Houston將陸續接受The Insider,Access Hollywood,BET,Essence....等媒體專訪,訪談內容將是以惠媽現正拍攝中的電影"Sparkle"為主。

【Video】Whitney on Entertainment Tonight

咱家天后Whitney Houston為了重返大螢幕的首部作品"Sparkle",接受娛樂頻道Entertainment Tonight專訪。

Whitney Houston is teaming up with American Idol winner Jordin Sparks for Sparkle, an uplifting, Motown-era musical drama – and we're first on the set!

Whitney on Entertainment Tonight

咱家天后Whitnet Houston的最新電視專訪,將在下週一晚上7點於美國娛樂頻道Entertainment Tonight播出喔!

Tune into Entertainment Tonight on Monday night at 7pm to catch Whitney talking about her upcoming film, Sparkle! Read here to learn more about this exciting film project for Whitney.

Whitney Houston Shines On Set Of 'Sparkle' ‎

咱家天后Whitney Houston首張在Sparkle片場的照片,終於出現囉!

Fun Photos of Whitney at the Detroit Lions Football Game!

咱家天后Whitney HoustonSparkle劇組人員一起到場觀看美式足球比賽!

Whitney Houston Launches Charity Candles

咱家天后Whitney Houston參予慈善義賣喔!

Whitney Houston has launched a new line of candles, and a portion of the proceeds go to charity.

Currently in production on SPARKLE, Whitney spent the last few months working with her manager and sister-in-law, Patricia Houston, inspiring her to develop a scented candle line. The candle line, called MARION P (which is the nickname Whitney has for her sister-in-law) consists of 5 scents inspired by a trip to Israel they took several years ago. This dual candle infuses the air and nourishes the skin. It’s actually a 100 Kosher Soy Candle that melts into Shea Butter that you can moisturize into your skin.

Whitney Houston visits Shelby: Singer in town for Teen Summit

咱家天后Whitney Houston帶著她的大肚婻出席了Teen Summit(類似青少年論壇之類的活動)。

She walked into the store from the back entrance wearing a crisp white button-up shirt and dark jeans tucked into knee-high boots.

An entrance as simple and understated as her clothes.

RCA Folds Arista, Jive and J Records

Sony Music旗下廠牌Arista/Jive/J Records,因為RCA Music Group進行盤整的關係,都將結束營業,上述3家唱片公司仍有合約的歌手,將改簽至其他新品牌。

Artists signed to shuttered labels will now record for RCA

RCA executives have announced that the company is shutting down Arista, Jive and J Records, and that all of the artists currently signed to those labels will be folded into the RCA Records roster. "The path we’ve taken is to refresh RCA, so we're going to retire those brands," RCA president and COO Tom Corson told the Hollywood Reporter. "There may be a reason down the line to bring them back, but it's a clean slate here."

About "Sparkle" Movie Soundtrack

隨著新版"Sparkle" Movie開拍在即,電影原聲帶的製作陣容也逐一曝光囉!

We already know that Whitney Houston will sing two gospel songs in the upcoming movie “Sparkle” and we know who will produce them.

About "Sparkle" Movie Remake

咱家天后Whitney Houston已經與"Sparkle"劇組正式簽約囉!
此消息除了各大娛樂網站證實外,"Sparkle"劇中扮演惠媽女兒的Jordin Sparks,也親自上網推文證實此消息囉~
From Jordin Sparks 's twitter:
I'm gonna be in a movie with Whitney Houston. I can die happy. :)

Source:Jordin Sparks 's twitter

'American Idol's' Jordin Sparks to Star Opposite Whitney Houston in 'Sparkle'

久未露面的咱家天后Whitney Houston,除了在家修身養性外,也秘密洽談了新的電影拍攝計畫!

Jordin Sparks will play the lead role in Sparkle, a remake of the 1976 film inspired by the story of the Supremes.

The original Sparkle centered on the three Williams sisters, who begin singing in their church choir in Harlem in the late 1950s and become a successful girl group. Their sudden rise unravels their personal lives.

惠妮翻唱經典『Step By Step』

咱家天后Whitney Houston的第三張電影原聲帶『The Preacher's Wife』中的單曲Step By Step,也是首翻唱曲喔!

該單曲最早面世的版本,是出自於蘇格蘭女伶Ann Lennox在1992年發行的專輯『Diva』,詞曲也都是Ann Lennox所譜寫,當年此單曲是收錄在『Diva (Japan Edition)』日本限定盤中。

We Will Always Love Whitney!

咱家天后Whitney Houston剛過完48歲生日。上週在官網,官方請歌迷票選最愛的惠妮MV,票選結果出爐,惠媽經典名曲"I Will Always Love You",獲得19%的選票而奪冠!

The fans have spoken. Last week we asked you to vote on your favorite Whitney Houston music video and it's no surprise that Whitney's classic "I Will Always Love You" came out on top. "I Will Always Love You" took a whopping 19% of the total votes - and there were over 3,000 votes!

Whitney Houston: Best Selling Female Recording Artiste


From the moment Whitney Elizabeth Houston first opened her mouth to sing, it was obvious that she was bound for greatness. she was born August 9, 1963, at Newark, New Jersey in the United States to Emily (“Cissy”) Houston who was a member of a vocal group, the Sweet Inspirations, and sang as backup for Aretha Franklin. Whitney Houston began singing at a tender age in the church. She dutifully sang in the New Hope Baptist Junior Choir, aspiring to nothing higher than being a backup performer like her mother. But by the time she was 11, it became apparent that hanging in that background wasn’t in the cards for her.

Happy Birthday, Whitney Houston! Today, Aug. 9, You're 48 Years Old!

來人啊!壽桃、壽麵趕快給我端上來,咱家天后Whitney Houston,今天聖誕千秋,眾家歌迷快快上前拜壽唄~~

This R&B icon has a lot to celebrate today!

Whitney Houston Out And About In Beverly Hills

咱家天后Whitney Houston現身洛城比佛利山莊!

Whitney Houston and her deaconess wig were photographed moving cool to an awaiting vehicles along with an unknown man sporting butt naked ankles and Samuel L. Jackson tease over the weekend in Beverly Hills.

Whitney Houston Lands At LAX

Whitney Houston is striking in white at the airport.(2011/07/17)
結束在英國的行程,咱家天后Whitney Houston抵達洛杉磯,洽談2部電影拍攝相關工作!

Whitney at the Prince Azim Birthday's Party!

Whitney attended the birthday party of Prince Azim of Brunei last week in England along with many celebrities including Hilary Swank, Usher, Faye Dunaway, Eva Longoria, Mariah Carey, Adrian Brody and many more. Check out the exclusive new photo of Whitney from the birthday bash below!

就在上週,咱家天后Whitney Houston出席了汶萊王子Azim在England舉行的私人生日派對。同場派對星光熠熠,剛產下龍鳳胎的Mariah Carey、奧斯卡影后Hilary Swank、節奏藍調天王Usher....等等數十名好萊塢大咖,皆齊聚一堂,為這奢華派對添增光采!

Billboard Top 50 AC Artists: WHITNEY # 15

Aside from being one of the most successful formats in the histories of recorded music and commercial radio, the AC chart is home to hall of famers, big-betters and hard rockers. Home to soulful sweethearts and songwriting superstars. AC isn't a place songs go to die. As radio folks, songwriters and fans well know - AC is the place where stars go to live forever.

Terry McMillan on 'Waiting to Exhale' Sequel and Whitney Houston

"Waiting to Exhale"作者Terry McMillan接受ESSENCE.com訪問,談及新作"Getting Happy"改編搬上大螢幕的製作進度,以及對惠妮接受勒戒的看法!

Terry McMillan is getting ready to re-introduce movie audiences to beloved characters Savannah, Gloria, Bernadine and Robin in the sequel to “Waiting to Exhale.”

The author, who spoke with during the ESSENCE Music Festival, says she’s working on the third draft of a script she hopes will be complete by the end of July. “This won’t be on the screen until sometime in 2012 though,” she warns.

Tyrese Gibson: I Will Never Date Whitney Houston

昨天在網路上傳得沸沸揚揚的惠媽新誹聞,目前已遭男主角Tyrese Gibson與惠媽愛女Bobbi Kristina在Twitter上發文否認,証實是八卦烏龍傳聞!

Tyrese Gibson doesn't want to have any romantic connection with Whitney Houston. Laughing off recent claims that he is secretly dating the "I Will Always Love You" hitmaker, the "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" actor stressed on the word "Never" in a clarifying message on Twitter.

Today, we remember the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson辭世已經2年了,時間過得真快。

想當年(2009),惠媽新碟I Look To You的專輯封面,選在6/25發佈,卻遇到麥可辭世的驚人消息,全球傳媒整個措手不及,緊追著麥可送醫、證實他辭世的消息,而惠媽的新碟封面發佈的消息,則隱沒在全球MJ迷的哀號聲中....

Clive Davis: "We’re Not Making Another Record Until Her Golden Voice Is Back"

惠媽恩師Clive Davis接受電台訪問,在談到對惠妮有啥新計畫時,老爹說:除非惠妮的黃金嗓音回復,不然暫時沒有幫她錄製新專輯的打算!

They have a colourful history together, however Whitney Houston’s mentor Clive Davis has announced that no more pages will be added to their illustrious story – until her “golden voice” is back.

Whitney Houston -- 30 Days of Rehab Ain't Enough!


Whitney Houston is voluntarily seeking additional treatment for drug and alcohol addiction ... TMZ has learned -- after completing a 30-day out-patient rehab program earlier this week.

Whitney Is Not Battling Emphysema


So True? So False? Is Whitney Houston Really Battling Emphysema?!

With all due respect to Whitney Houston's lungs, rumors that the pop diva is battling emphysema aren't exactly the most unbelievable reports out there. Though, if true, they would be among the saddest.

The National Enquirer claimed this morning that the 47-year-old, whose past habits don't exactly make her the poster child for healthy living, has been diagnosed with the early stages of the potentially deadly lung disease.

Whitney in studio with Rodney Jerkins

曾與咱家天后Whitney Houston在(1998) My Love Is Your Love專輯合作過的製作人之一Rodney Jerkins,再次在錄音室聚首囉...

It is the turn of a new partnership ?????

After "It's Not Right But It's ok" and "If I Told You That" it seems that Whitney and Rodney are back in contact and the possibility of a new partnership is not so daring! A frcelo Jerkins know is just from his Twitter profile where a few hours ago he published these messages:

Nothin' But Love

許久沒上Twitter的Bobbi Kristina,重新上線推文的首要,就是向世人宣告,她有多愛阿惠,有多愛她的家人。


Whitney Houston In Out-Patient Rehab Program


Whitney Houston has checked herself in to an out-patient rehabilitation program ... but it's not for drugs or alcohol ... TMZ has learned.

【Video】Whitney Houston & Chaka Khan Sings at Prince's Concert

Whitney once again attended a Prince concert and just sung “Tell Me Something Good” with Chaka Khan while opening for Prince.

Forest Whitaker Directing And Whole Cast Returning For “Waiting To Exhale” Sequel

惠妮迷們!我們可以開始尖叫了,惠媽在1995年掛頭牌演出的電影"Waiting To Exhale",原著小說作者Terry McMillan在2010年推出的續集作品"Getting Happy",除了早就確定要拍成電影上映外,目前更有消息傳出,"Waiting To Exhale"原班人馬的卡司(導演、演員)都將回鍋進行續集"Getting Happy"電影版的拍攝喔!

【New Picture】Whitney Houston Heading to medical building in Beverly Hills

Whitney Houston Heading to medical building in Beverly Hills.(3 May,2011)

就在上週二(3 May,2011),惠媽前往位於比佛利山莊的醫療大樓,依時間點來看,阿惠極可能是去所謂的勒戒中心/門診。

Whitney at Prince Concert

Whitney went to see 80's legend Prince last night in LA.(29, April 2011) All-Female Hit Collaborations

Billboard.com前幾天遴選出10大女伶對唱單曲/組合,拜動畫電影"The Prince of Egypt 埃及王子"所賜的機緣,咱家天后Whitney Houston與福蝶姐Mariah Carey兩人攜手合作(應該也會是唯一的一次合作...)對唱的單曲"When You Believe",名列10大單曲的第二名喔!!!

With Rihanna and Britney Spears sharing space atop the Billboard Hot 100 with "S&M," and with Spears having released a remix of "Till the World Ends" featuring Ke$ha (the song's co-writer) and Nicki Minaj, all-female collaborations are enjoying a rare spotlight.

Whitney Houston - Where You Are

Source:Bobbi Kristina's Twitter

咱家超懶惰的天后Whitney Houston,上次出來見客,已經是2個月以前的事了(Whitney Parting On Valentines!)。 Four One

Katy Perry憑藉著與Kanye West合作的單曲"E.T.",成為Billboard Hot 100過去52年以來,第9張以單張專輯拿下4首冠軍單曲的藝人/專輯之一!

ALL FOUR ONE: Thanks to a space-age love song, Katy Perry blasts into rarified chart air, as her "Teenage Dream" album becomes only the ninth set to generate four No. 1s in the Billboard Hot 100's 52-year history.

【RUMOR】Whitney Houston plan to spread diversity at too white BBC Four


The challenge for BBC Four, the corporation’s unashamedly high-minded channel, according to the last BBC Trust report, is to “increase its impact…and secure a greater reputational dividend for the BBC, while also retaining its distinctive nature.”

Claude Kelly Feels the Pressure Writing for Britney Spears Again, Reveals Joe Jonas Project

創作歌手Claude Kelly接受訪問時提及,原先收錄於Michael Jackson新碟『Michael』中的單曲'Hold My Hand',他最早是要寫給咱家天后Whitney Houston的....

Message From Whitney On Twitter

超級宅女Whitney Houston,雖然沒有推特帳號(她也自誠說過,搞不懂Twitter是啥碗糕....),拜愛女Bobbi Kristina活躍的網路生活所賜,阿惠前幾天請女兒代發訊息,向粉絲問安,也感謝歌迷們對她及其家人的愛與包容!

Jake Gyllenhaal Sings Along To Whitney Houston While Playing Games


好萊塢男星Jake Gyllenhaal表示,他瘋狂愛上惠媽的單曲"I Wanna Dance With Somebody","I Will Always Love You"...

Soul singer Loleatta Holloway dies aged 64

靈魂樂女伶Loleatta Holloway於昨晚(March 21)病逝,享年64歲!

咱家天后Whitney Houston在2009年以Million Dollar Bill一曲,拿下Billboard舞曲榜冠軍。該曲就是取樣於Loleatta Holloway的單曲"We're getting stronger"。

Bobbi Kristina Brown: "I Am Not Addicted To Anything But Life"

惠媽愛女Bobbi Kristina在Twitter上聲明,她並沒有要被惠媽送去勒戒!

The 18-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown took to Twitter after The Enquirer claimed the Grammy-winning singer was putting her daughter in rehab.