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惠妮翻唱經典『Step By Step』

咱家天后Whitney Houston的第三張電影原聲帶『The Preacher's Wife』中的單曲Step By Step,也是首翻唱曲喔!

該單曲最早面世的版本,是出自於蘇格蘭女伶Ann Lennox在1992年發行的專輯『Diva』,詞曲也都是Ann Lennox所譜寫,當年此單曲是收錄在『Diva (Japan Edition)』日本限定盤中。

We Will Always Love Whitney!

咱家天后Whitney Houston剛過完48歲生日。上週在官網,官方請歌迷票選最愛的惠妮MV,票選結果出爐,惠媽經典名曲"I Will Always Love You",獲得19%的選票而奪冠!

The fans have spoken. Last week we asked you to vote on your favorite Whitney Houston music video and it's no surprise that Whitney's classic "I Will Always Love You" came out on top. "I Will Always Love You" took a whopping 19% of the total votes - and there were over 3,000 votes!

Whitney Houston: Best Selling Female Recording Artiste


From the moment Whitney Elizabeth Houston first opened her mouth to sing, it was obvious that she was bound for greatness. she was born August 9, 1963, at Newark, New Jersey in the United States to Emily (“Cissy”) Houston who was a member of a vocal group, the Sweet Inspirations, and sang as backup for Aretha Franklin. Whitney Houston began singing at a tender age in the church. She dutifully sang in the New Hope Baptist Junior Choir, aspiring to nothing higher than being a backup performer like her mother. But by the time she was 11, it became apparent that hanging in that background wasn’t in the cards for her.

Happy Birthday, Whitney Houston! Today, Aug. 9, You're 48 Years Old!

來人啊!壽桃、壽麵趕快給我端上來,咱家天后Whitney Houston,今天聖誕千秋,眾家歌迷快快上前拜壽唄~~

This R&B icon has a lot to celebrate today!