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Today, we remember the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson辭世已經2年了,時間過得真快。

想當年(2009),惠媽新碟I Look To You的專輯封面,選在6/25發佈,卻遇到麥可辭世的驚人消息,全球傳媒整個措手不及,緊追著麥可送醫、證實他辭世的消息,而惠媽的新碟封面發佈的消息,則隱沒在全球MJ迷的哀號聲中....

Clive Davis: "We’re Not Making Another Record Until Her Golden Voice Is Back"

惠媽恩師Clive Davis接受電台訪問,在談到對惠妮有啥新計畫時,老爹說:除非惠妮的黃金嗓音回復,不然暫時沒有幫她錄製新專輯的打算!

They have a colourful history together, however Whitney Houston’s mentor Clive Davis has announced that no more pages will be added to their illustrious story – until her “golden voice” is back.

Whitney Houston -- 30 Days of Rehab Ain't Enough!


Whitney Houston is voluntarily seeking additional treatment for drug and alcohol addiction ... TMZ has learned -- after completing a 30-day out-patient rehab program earlier this week.

Whitney Is Not Battling Emphysema


So True? So False? Is Whitney Houston Really Battling Emphysema?!

With all due respect to Whitney Houston's lungs, rumors that the pop diva is battling emphysema aren't exactly the most unbelievable reports out there. Though, if true, they would be among the saddest.

The National Enquirer claimed this morning that the 47-year-old, whose past habits don't exactly make her the poster child for healthy living, has been diagnosed with the early stages of the potentially deadly lung disease.