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New Album Out This Year For Whitney?

咱家天后Whitney Houston的表姐Dionne Warwick日前接受訪問,談及自己的新演藝生涯計劃,也提及了惠媽可能在今年推出全新錄音室大碟!

Icon Dionne Warwick Talks Reality TV, Songwriting, and Protecting Her Legacy

Fans of soul music icon Dionne Warwick sat wide-eyed and open-mouthed as she verbally took on Real Housewives star NeNe Leaks, Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin and anybody else who stood in her way on last season’s Celebrity Apprentice. Many simply weren’t expecting the legendary 70-year-old singer — easily one of the most successful female vocalists of all time— to be so fiery.

Whitney invited to Kelly Price & Friends "For The Love of R&B" Grammy Party

2012葛萊美獎頒獎前夕,咱家天后Whitney Houston獲昔日歌壇戰友Kelly Price邀請,將出席For The Love of R&B Grammy Party

2012 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party.Will Whitney be there?

2012 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party即將在 Feb 11th舉行,舉辦地點依舊是在比佛利山莊的希爾頓飯店,今年的主題則是向Virgin集團創辦人Richard Branson爵士致敬。
For the fourth consecutive year, Clive Davis and The Recording Academy will present the annual Pre-GRAMMY Gala on Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calif., the evening before the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards. Sponsored by Harman, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Hyundai, and MasterCard Worldwide, this exclusive, star-studded celebration will feature special musical performances and will be attended by the world's most renowned artists and top industry VIPs in music, film, television, and new media.

Whitney Houston Featured In People Magazine - 'Sparkle' Photos

最新一期的時人雜誌,針對咱家天后Whitney Houston重返大螢幕的最新電影'Sparkle',作了特輯報導喔!

Whitney Houston is featured in the January 30th edition of People magazine, which has published a one-page sneak peek at photos from the set of "Sparkle!".