Forest Whitaker Directing And Whole Cast Returning For “Waiting To Exhale” Sequel

惠妮迷們!我們可以開始尖叫了,惠媽在1995年掛頭牌演出的電影"Waiting To Exhale",原著小說作者Terry McMillan在2010年推出的續集作品"Getting Happy",除了早就確定要拍成電影上映外,目前更有消息傳出,"Waiting To Exhale"原班人馬的卡司(導演、演員)都將回鍋進行續集"Getting Happy"電影版的拍攝喔!

If you’ve been anxiously waiting to hear a confirmation about a Waiting To Exhale sequel, your wait is over! S&A told you in the past that Getting Happy, Terry McMillan‘s follow up book, was on the road to becoming a film. Angela Bassett even spoke about the project being in the works. Well on the CBS show The Talk today, she revealed that everyone from the original cast is on board and Forest Whitaker will direct.

”She (McMillan) wrote Getting to Happy and she’s written the screenplay… Loretta, Lela, Whitney, Forest. Forest is working on the script now, ” she said.

The 1995 film Waiting To Exhale was an enormous commercial success making over $81 million. Critics gave it mixed to negative reviews but the film prevailed despite that.

So in addition to Bassett, we’ll get to see Lela Rochon, Loretta Devine and Whitney Houston once again. Get the tissues ready!

Watch the video clip below:

Source:Indie Wire (blog)

演員Angela Bassett日前在接受CBS電視台訪談節目"The Talk"訪問時,透露小說原著作者已經和編劇群們進行電影劇本的編寫,而首集原班人馬將全數回籠為續集"Getting Happy"電影版進行一連串的拍攝工作。

"Getting Happy"電影版將由奧斯卡得主Forest Whitaker回任編劇/導演工作。除了電影精彩可期以外,我想電影原聲帶應該也會有惠媽的新單曲喔!

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