Whitney in studio with Rodney Jerkins

曾與咱家天后Whitney Houston在(1998) My Love Is Your Love專輯合作過的製作人之一Rodney Jerkins,再次在錄音室聚首囉...

It is the turn of a new partnership ?????

After "It's Not Right But It's ok" and "If I Told You That" it seems that Whitney and Rodney are back in contact and the possibility of a new partnership is not so daring! A frcelo Jerkins know is just from his Twitter profile where a few hours ago he published these messages:

Source:Rodney Jerkins

Source:Travis Sayles

惠媽開金口演唱"I Love The Lord"耶~~~

Source:Rodney Jerkins

Rodney Jerkins說道:與深刻啟發你的人(Whitney)共處一室,就像是小孩子進了一間滿佈糖果的商店一樣,讓人雀躍!!!

Source:Rodney Jerkins

Whitney in studio (May 2011)

目前尚未得知惠媽與Rodney Jerkins在錄音室碰面的用意為何,但過往兩人曾經合作2首熱門單曲,若能再度合作的話,相信一定能為惠媽未來可能發行的音樂作品,帶來更不一樣的火花喔!

It's Not Right But It's ok

If I Told You That


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