Happy Birthday, Whitney Houston! Today, Aug. 9, You're 48 Years Old!

來人啊!壽桃、壽麵趕快給我端上來,咱家天后Whitney Houston,今天聖誕千秋,眾家歌迷快快上前拜壽唄~~

This R&B icon has a lot to celebrate today!

Whitney Houston is a world-renowned pop and R&B singer. Having released seven studio albums, Whitney is the most awarded female singer of all time with two Emmy Award, six Grammy Awards, thirty Billboard Music Awards, twenty-two American Music Awards, as well as a handful of others.

Happy birthday, Whitney Houston! With ethereal Pisces on the ascendant, we've come to know you as a starry-eyed dreamer … and an escapist … and back again! With a robust Leo Sun and an eternally optimistic Jupiter-Moon conjunction in Aries, resting is simply not in your nature. Losing yourself in your performances remains the best way you handle pressure, while intense Pluto in your house of hopes and dreams helps you continue to fight for what you believe. Get ready for an interior makeover and a bolt of fresh energy — or perhaps a wake-up call — this year!

Source:Hollywood Life

Yes Whitney,
We wish you the best for your future, family and career,
We hope that all your dreams come true...

..We wish you joy and happyness but
above all this we wish you love...

We will always love you!

Happy Birthday, Nippy!

誠心祝福咱家辣媽Whitney Houston,永保健康快樂+早日回復宇宙無敵完美嗓音


我們永遠的百萬寶貝-Whitney Houston

We Will Always Love You!

2011/08/10 Update:
Whitney Houston Celebrates 48th Birthday

Source:Bobbi Kristina Brown

Happy Birthday Whitney!

In honor of Whitney's birthday, we would love it if you fans would tell us what your favorite Whitney Houston video is. The video that receives the most votes by the end of the week will be featured on the site for a week - so do your thing!

Click here to vote now.

Not sure what video to vote for? Click here to watch all of Whitney's videos.

Source:The Official Whitney Houston Site


  1. 恩... 就讓我用我這五音不全的嗓音來唱生日快樂歌給惠媽吧~
    惠媽要的話,可以順便來個爆破來和我合唱吧 (笑)


    惠媽快點回來轟炸我吧~ 太久沒被爆破~ 全身不酥服啦~~ ><

  2. Re.Con:

  3. 9月看似不遠....
    看來今年9月大家將不再孤單啦 (笑)


  4. Re.Con:


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