Whitney Placed #34 On Top 50 Touring List Of 2010

歲末年終之際,娛樂網站Pollstar.com公佈了西洋歌手巡演票房年度前50大,咱家天后Whitney Houston名列第34!

Pollstar released its exclusive charts today ranking the Top 50 Concert Tours for the 2010 calendar year.

Whitney Houston placed #34 on top touring acts of 2010 list, grossing $36.3million, devouring any negativity in regards to her successful Nothin’ But Love tour.

年度票房冠軍,由Bon Jovi拿下,該團2010 年售票收入2.011億美元,高居全球之冠。前一陣子有新聞報導,2011年該團極有可能來台開唱喔!

Bon Jovi No. 1

The Energizer Bunny known as Bon Jovi, which played 51 shows on this continent and 80 overall, grossed $108 million here and $201 million total. The AEG-promoted tour knocked out all competition by a wide margin.

澳洲搖滾天團 AC/DC 則連續兩年名列第2名,演唱會售票收入1.77億美元。
Roger Waters and AC/DC take up the No. 2 spots.

AC/DC, which has been on a rock ‘n’ roll train since 2008, put on 40 shows worldwide; its $177 million income became the second-highest grossing tour worldwide. Waters launched the phenomenal Wall tour in Toronto and spent 2010 Stateside, landing the No. 2 slot for North America. And even with a midyear start, that tour has grossed almost $90 million playing multiple nights in 35 cities. (Waters could be globetrotting through 2012, Live Nation tour promoter Ron Delsener told Pollstar.)

Rounding out the top 10 North American tours are Dave Matthews Band ($72.9 million), Paul McCartney ($61.8 million), Michael Bublé ($65.7 million), Eagles ($64.5 million), Lady Gaga ($51 million), James Taylor / Carole King ($50.7 million), The Black Eyed Peas ($50.5 million) and John Mayer ($49.9 million).

Worldwide it’s Bon Jovi and AC/DC, then U2 ($160.9 million), Lady Gaga ($133.6 million), Metallica ($110.1 million), Michael Bublé ($104.2 million), “Walking With Dinosaurs” ($104.1 million), McCartney ($93 million), Eagles ($93.3 million) and Roger Waters, whose $89.5 million stateside still made The Wall Live one of the top-grossing tours worldwide.

In Comparison

Here is what we can glean from a comparison with the same charts in 2009:

The Top 50 Tours Worldwide grossed a combined $2.93 billion which was down about 12% from last year's $3.34 billion. Total tickets sold was 38.3 million which was down about 15% or 7 million from 2009's 45.3 million. Total show count was down about 8% to 2,650. The only number to increase was the average ticket price which went up $2.86 or about 4%.

The Top 50 Tours North America grossed a combined $1.69 billion which was down about 15% from last year's $1.99 billion. Total tickets sold was 26.2 million which was down about 12% from 2009's 29.9 million. Total show count was down about 3% to 2,114. Unlike the Worldwide chart, the average ticket price in North America dropped $1.55 or about 2%.

The above numbers are all in line with what we were seeing throughout the year. Artists worked fewer shows in a tough business climate and those that overreached suffered the consequences. In general, the international concert business was stronger than in North America where overbooked and overpriced shows at outdoor amphitheatre venues made it an especially difficult year for Live Nation.

Click here for Pollstar’s Top 50 Tours Worldwide.(詳細榜單)

Click here for Pollstar’s Top 50 Tours North America.



愛惠網站The Whitney Vault針對這則消息,做出以下評論:

Whitney Houston has a new reason to smile. Longtime legendary diva placed #34 on top touring acts of 2010 list, grossing $36.3million, devouring any negativity in regards to her successful Nothin’ But Love tour. This placement has given Whitney
the highest grossing tour for 2010 for any r&b singer, and the highest grossing for an African American not counting Black Eye Peas-group.

Hate her or love her, the woman can still put people in concert seats. What is even more impressive about her placement on the list, is the 33 acts that came before her are either young, relevant artists who sells well such as Pink and Taylor Swift, or older acts who tour extensively all year long; every year such as Bon Jovi, AC/DC etc.

Whitney hasn’t masked a tour in over 10 years prior to her recent tour, and still was able to gross decently. These numbers from her tour does not reflect her Asian dates, merchandising, nor her private gigs, so it safe to say she grossed over $40million for this tour which would had placed her even higher on the list. Coming in on the list ahead of much relevant acts such as Rihanna, Coldplay, Alicia Keys, and Rascal Flatts, is no fall feat.

Imagine how high her numbers could had gotten, had she toured the South American market such as Brazil, (where her album and single I Look To You sold well). Had she toured the American market, would had been an extra bonus. Congrats to you Ms. Houston, and we look forward to your future endeavors.

Source:The Whitney Vault



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