Funeral Service For Whitney Houston

Here we have scans of Whitney Houston’s funeral, we created a PDF file for you to download and to cherish.


DOWNLOAD:Whitney Houston Funeral Program

Whitney Houston Funeral Program 18 February 2012
DOWNLOAD:Whitney Houston Funeral Program

Cece Winans 'Don't Cry For Me' | Whitney Houston Funeral

Clive Davis: Whitney was one of a kind | Whitney Houston Funeral

Kevin Costner Speaks | Whitney Houston Funeral

BeBe Winans "I'll miss crazy Whitney" | Whitney Houston Funeral

Dionne Warwick Speaks | Whitney Houston Funeral

Alicia Keys "Send Me An Angel" | Whitney Houston Funeral

R. Kelly "I Look To You" | Whitney Houston Funeral

Kim Burrell "A Change Gonna Come rendition" | Whitney Houston Funeral

Stevie Wonder "Ribbon In The Sky Rendition" | Whitney Houston Funeral

Tyler Perry Speaks | Whitney Houston Funeral

I Will Always Love You

Funeral service for Whitney Houston
from 11:14 am cst - 2:48 pm cst (12:14 pm - 3:48 pm est} saturday 18 february 2012
recorded live.


  1. Replies
    1. 我有另外提供無浮水印的版本了!

  2. We will always love you Whitney Houston. August 9, 1963 - Eternity!

    1. Yes.We will always love you - Whitney Houston.

  3. 惠妮真的好美喔 以前更美
    葬禮最後太感人了 I'll Always Love You
    (哀 才在新年期間HBO把"終極保鑣"完整看完 )

    1. 惠媽是天生美人胚,她的倩影及歌聲將會永留世人心中!


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