Whitney Houston visits Shelby: Singer in town for Teen Summit

咱家天后Whitney Houston帶著她的大肚婻出席了Teen Summit(類似青少年論壇之類的活動)。

She walked into the store from the back entrance wearing a crisp white button-up shirt and dark jeans tucked into knee-high boots.

An entrance as simple and understated as her clothes.

Her famous voice silent, she walked toward the crowd of people gathered inside the Celebrity Consignment Boutique in Shelby and her face lit up with a megawatt style.

Whitney Houston met privately with fans and family members Friday at the boutique on West Warren Street in anticipation of the fifth annual Teen Summit, scheduled to be held today. Houston’s sister-in-law, Pat Houston, is the founder of the Teen Summit and vice president for WhitNip Inc.

Grace Setzer of Gastonia and sisters Elizabeth and Gladys Garner, both of Kings Mountain, came to the reception Friday for the chance to see a performer they love and admire.

“I like all the songs from ‘The Bodyguard,’” Setzer said.

The women shop at the Celebrity Consignment Boutique often, they said, and planned on attending the Teen Summit today.

Inside, the boutique had all the makings of a Hollywood VIP room. Soft jazz music filtered through the speakers as more than a dozen votive candles flickered on display tables. Glass champagne flutes and hors d'oeuvres waited for guests to enjoy.

Whitney Houston walked with her sister-in-law around the consignment boutique, where some of her own clothes have sold to customers. Houston talked and laughed good-naturedly with guests, smiling for photos and handshakes.

Meeting Whitney Houston wasn’t the only opportunity for a brush with fame. Before the Grammy Award-winning singer arrived, guests met with an actor from the Academy Award-winning movie “The Blind Side.”

Quinton Aaron, whose size on the big screen isn’t diminished in real life, towered over guests at the reception. He played professional football player Michael Oher alongside actors Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw.

Aaron was dressed casually Friday in a gray sweater and blue jeans. The soft-spoken actor told The Star this was his first time in Shelby and he was looking forward to the Teen Summit. He said he’s currently working on a project in which he will play the starring role as well as be the producer.

Some of the other celebrities scheduled to perform and speak to youth at this year’s summit are gospel artist Kim Burrell, the Rev. Yolanda E. Thompson, author and inspirational speaker Gerard Henry, Dr. Shirley Shields and DeVon Franklin, among others.

Dottie Vincent of Shelby was one of the guests at Friday’s VIP reception. She nodded and smiled politely and Whitney Houston and Aaron. She couldn’t help to browse the designer clothes, either. It’s one of her favorite stores in Shelby.

“This is my first tourist destination here in Cleveland County,” Vincent said. “They might not see any of the things anywhere else.”




Whitney Houston, Pat Houston, Quinton Aaron, Kim Burrell

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