Whitney at Prince Concert

Whitney went to see 80's legend Prince last night in LA.(29, April 2011)

神隱許久的咱家天后Whitney Houston,昨晚帶著她的小肚肚現身Los Angeles。惠媽的氣色不錯,希望她如果休息夠了,能夠早日重拾工作,再度站上舞台為惠妮迷們高歌...

Photo Source:raja pile

來回味一下,惠媽在The Preacher's Wife中高歌的片段吧...

Another Pic of Whitney Houston Last Night at Prince'Concert !

The last picture,Whitney has that stupid teenage girl face on & she looks HOT!

Whitney Houston and Her Daughter at Prince's Concert (29-04-11)


  1. 補上Video of Whitney and Kristina dancing at Prince Concert.


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