Whitney at the Prince Azim Birthday's Party!

Whitney attended the birthday party of Prince Azim of Brunei last week in England along with many celebrities including Hilary Swank, Usher, Faye Dunaway, Eva Longoria, Mariah Carey, Adrian Brody and many more. Check out the exclusive new photo of Whitney from the birthday bash below!

就在上週,咱家天后Whitney Houston出席了汶萊王子Azim在England舉行的私人生日派對。同場派對星光熠熠,剛產下龍鳳胎的Mariah Carey、奧斯卡影后Hilary Swank、節奏藍調天王Usher....等等數十名好萊塢大咖,皆齊聚一堂,為這奢華派對添增光采!

Mariah CareyJoan Collins


Mariah Carey gave birth twins less than two months ago but she has already returned to fine form. The legend posed alongside Joan Collins at a private industry party in the UK yesterday(9 Jul,2011) that also welcomed fellow icon Whitney Houston and R&B singer Usher.

派對之花Whitney Houston

Source:The Official Whitney Houston Site,The Lava Lizard.com

Hilary Swank,Prince Azim,Whitney Houston

Inside Prince Azim star-studded bash

THE Sultan of Brunei’s son Prince Azim kept up his reputation for having star-studded birthdays.

For his 28th bash Eva Longoria, Whitney Houston, Usher, Hilary Swank, and Mariah Carey, as his guest of honour, were put up at his Stapleton Park stately home in Leicestershire.

There was a casino night followed by another party the next evening.
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My mole tells me: “Organisers know how fond the Prince is of Whitney so made sure she had a room with the best views of the lambs in the field.”

But for Mariah it was the first time she travelled without her own little lambs – her tots Monroe and Moroccan.

A pal of the star said: “Mariah was delighted to be there – she is a close friend of Prince Azim.”


Whitney Houston Attends Prince Azim's Bday Bash

Whitney Houston looks stunning! She attended Prince Azim’s birthday bash in the UK last week. Currently, Houston is an outpatient at a drug and alcohol rehab facility, but she looks like she’s in good health right now. Other celebs at the party were Mariah Carey and Usher.

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