Sparkle Has A Release Date!

根據國外電影網站的訊息揭露,咱家天后Whitney Houston回歸大螢幕的首部電影作品"Sparkle",將在2012年的8月10日上映,而這天也是惠妮滿49歲生日隔天喔!

Many movie information outlets (reliable ones), are saying Sparkle has a release date of August 10, 2012 the day after Whitney’s birthday! Many of us thought it would be around Thanksgiving 2012, but it seems as if we will get an earlier treat than expected!

Here are the sources:

This is all so exciting! Stay tuned for more info as it unfolds…

Whitney Houston - Do You Hear What I Hear (Christmas Music Video)


  1. 看來要再看到惠媽得等到電影的宣傳期了

  2. Re.Con:


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