Whitney Houston's Son From The Bodyguard is All Grown Up

不知道大家還記不記得在【終極保鑣The Bodyguard】中,飾演惠媽兒子的童星DeVaughn Nixon。轉眼間,他已是個28歲的少年家囉...

DeVaughn Nixon目前主要以演出電視劇為主,在好萊塢不算特別出名,目前也尚無令人特別印象深刻的作品。日前在接受娛樂頻道的訪談時,這小子提及了當初拍攝終極保鑣時的回憶.....

It’s been 20 years since he played Whitney Houston‘s young son in the The Bodyguard, but DeVaughn Nixon has been keeping busy in the entertainment industry. The actor sat down with Michael Yo for an interview on ‘The Yo Show’ to discuss his experience working on that film, and what he’s been up to ever since.
The now 28-year-old actor talked about working with Whitney. “She would sing to me and tell me Bible stories,” says Nixon. “It was like I was her son.” The actor also shared details about his experience working with Bodyguard co-star Kevin Costner, and the advice he received from the veteran actor.



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