Ariana Grande vs. Kelly Clarkson vs. Robin Thicke: Whose Whitney Houston Cover Do You Like Best?

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Ariana Grande vs. Kelly Clarkson vs. Robin Thicke翻唱大車拼~

Judging by how diverse each of these singers are, you might not expect them to all have covered Whitney Houston. But it’s true: Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson and Robin Thicke have all channeled the late icon. Ariana Grande covered the late singer’s classic hit ‘I Have Nothing’ at the White House, while Kelly Clarkson and Robin Thicke both decided to rock their own (very different) versions of ‘Exhale (Shoop, Shoop).’ Which artist covers Whitney Houston the best?
Ariana Grande must’ve had nerves of steel to belt out Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing.’ Not only was ‘The Way’ singer channeling a music legend, she was performing at the White House in front of the President and First Lady! Talk about pressure. Nevertheless, Grande was ever the professional and completely nailed the tune, pouring all of her heartfelt emotions into her powerful vocals, which earned her a standing ovation and an approving nod from Barack Obama himself. Not many artists can say that!

Kelly Clarkson brought back an old ‘American Idol’ pal to help her cover Houston’s ‘Exhale (Shoop, Shoop).’ Clarkson sang the hit with her fellow ‘Idol’ Season 1 contestant Tamrya Gray — and the two absolutely knocked it out of the park. Clarkson shows off her strong trademark vocals on the verses, while bringing the chorus down to a quieter note, just as the song calls for. On the bridge, Clarkson takes it to the top, showcasing her incredible range and just how powerful of a talent she really is.

Robin Thicke‘s version of ‘Exhale’ is decidedly more poignant than Clarkson’s, choosing instead to make the song more of a quiet, softly emotional tribute to Houston. Thicke undoubtedly puts his own stamp on the song — which is from Houston’s film ‘Waiting to Exhale’ — displaying his vocal talent while he also backs himself up with nothing but a keyboard: the perfect rendition to honor Houston and portray the meaningful message that the song contains.

Watch Ariana Grande Sing Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’

Watch Kelly Clarkson Sing Whitney Houston’s ‘Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)’

Watch Robin Thicke Sing Whitney Houston’s ‘Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)’


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