Whitney to sing at Clive's Pre-Grammy Party?


January 12, 2009

THIS could be the last year for Clive Davis' legendary pre-Grammy party. Last week, he announced he'd throw the $1 million-plus gala next month, not with its usual sponsor - Davis' company, Sony Music Group - but with the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS), which hands out the Grammys. An insider said, "Sony told Clive it wasn't going to pay for the party this year. It was a bad year for them, and [Sony chief] Howard Stringer feels the party doesn't help sell any albums and only serves to promote Clive's ego . . . Clive then tried to get his own sponsors but couldn't, so NARAS stepped in. But forget about next year. It's over," said our source. Last year, Alicia Keys, Fergie, the Foo Fighters and Leona Lewis performed. This year, Whitney Houston, a Davis discovery in the '80s, will sing. Her comeback album drops in March. Reps for Davis and Sony didn't return calls.

Source:NY Post
中譯:報導中提到,惠媽可能會在Clive's Pre-Grammy Party上獻唱,新專輯將在2009.3推出。

關於惠妮復出專輯的推出日期及是否在Clive's Pre-Grammy Party上獻唱的消息,Clive老爹唱片公司人員及Sony唱片,皆未做出任何評論。

Kate Hudson and A-Rod Went on a Date

1/12/09 at 10:47 AM,By: Tim Murphy

One thing we're wondering about as we prepare to bring all our crayons to this blank canvas of a new week is if gossip would seem more dignified if we didn't use any exclamation points for once. So here goes, and tell us how you like it: A-Rod had a date with Kate Hudson at Lure Fishbar, then at the Rose Bar. Kate, you live at the Rose Bar, it's like your Cheers. Ex-Met Art Shamsky and his girlfriend were supposedly thrown out of Mickey Mantle's on Central Park South after getting into a fight. Nice going, lovers, we can't even get thrown onto Central Park South. Cin says there's a Madoff book coming out soon, opines that the Mamma Mia! movie was "junkola" (great, Cin, now you just hurt Meryl), and flacks for a gay-divorce lawyer, who says he has to help divorcing gay men decide "who gets the Giants season tickets." We'd sure like to know who those gays are. Meanwhile, Liz Smith just got back from a nice time at the Ritz-Carlton in Jamaica, where presumably she was insulated from gay-bashing.

Mariah Carey drank wine at Japonais, signaling against the pregnancy rumors, but ate a lot of food, too. Chloë Sevigny got paid $50,000 to host a New Year's Eve party at the Gansevoort Hotel in South Beach. We hope you locked that in a CD, Chloë. Whitney Houston, who has a comeback album coming out in March, will sing this year at her discoverer, Clive Davis's, fabled pre-Grammy party, which may be his last one. Tom Cruise flew his Valkyrie colleagues in his plane, while his wife shops at H&M, but with a stylist. Supposedly, Jeremy Piven really dropped out of Speed-the-Plow because he wanted to go to the Golden Globes last night. Which he did. (But did you see when Tiki Barber kind of dissed him for wimping out on the play? Showing that even ex–football players can be subtly bitchy.)

Brooke Shields had a senior moment talking to a backstage security guard at Grease. J.Lo and Marc Anthony will sing at a big Obama inaugural thing for Latinos even though they didn't support him when he was running. Lil' Wayne will put out a rock album next. Britney Spears's family and OK! magazine have supposedly severed their cozy two-way relationship. [Ed: That exclamation point, along with the one from Mamma Mia!, comes with the magazine title.] Vanessa Hudgens took $12,000 worth of merch from the Golden Globes swag room. Fergie and Josh Duhamel got married. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie grabbed each other's butts and made out at a Golden Globes party even though it looked like Angelina had just had a lot of Botox. Delightfully racist Prince Harry was scolded by the dad of the guy Harry called "our little Paki friend."

Source:New York Magazine
中譯:報導中提到,惠媽可能會在Clive's Pre-Grammy Party上獻唱,新專輯將在2009.3推出。




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