Natalie Cole RTY+IHN(1993 Oscars)

對於Natalie Cole的生平及認識,我事實上並沒有很了解或是認真去追。
雖說她也是西洋天后之一,但她的專輯,我完全沒買過,到目前為止也沒有購入的慾望。這一陣子Natalie Cole的消息還蠻多的,但都不是啥好消息,因腎病住院是其一,再來是其胞妹因病過世。

剛剛在YouTube看到了一個新影音檔,在1993年的奧斯卡頒獎典禮上,終極保鑣電影原聲帶製作人David Foster伴奏下,Natalie Cole演唱了惠媽經典名曲Run To You & I Have Nothing.

Wow, that was bleak. I didn't even watch it the whole way through. She just doesn't have anything like Whitney. No emotion or anything.

Nice but not Whitney. She is the greatest and not even a great singer like natalie cole can do it better than Whitney.


當初是因為惠媽跑去生小孩,才請Natalie Cole來唱的嗎?知道原由的歌迷,麻煩回覆一下我囉!


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