【New Picture】Whitney Arrives In Korea!

惠妮抵達韓國,為2010/02/06展開的Nothing But Love World Tour-南韓場次,進行彩排準備!


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Whitney Houston to Begin World Tour in Seoul

“I will meet Korean fans first on this tour. This is my first performance in Korea, but I'm excited as if I'm going on my first world tour.”

Pop diva Whitney Houston wrote this in an e-mail interview yesterday, adding, “I will truly present Whitney's music rather than just show many things.”

She arrives in Korea today and will perform at the Olympic Park Gymnasium in Seoul Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Houston has battled drug addiction, an unhappy marriage with singer Bobby Brown, and eventually divorce. In September last year, however, she released her new album “I Look To You” and will begin her first tour in a decade in Seoul.

Her world tour is named “Nothin' But Love” after a song in her new album. “I chose this title because what I had under any circumstance was love,” she said.

“I wouldn't have overcome tough times without my mom and my daughter. My daughter is especially like a friend who supported me and stayed with me at the studio when I was working on the album.”

Houston debuted in 1985 with her self-titled album, and since won six Grammys and sold as many as 170 million albums.


在經歷藥物濫用、不美滿的婚姻生活、離婚等人生低谷後,休斯頓於去年9月份發佈了新專輯《I Look to You》,並將時隔10年的巡迴演唱會的首站定在了韓國首爾。本次全球巡迴演唱會的主題和新專輯中的歌曲《Nothin’But Love》同名。她表示:“不管是何種情況,我擁有的只有愛。所以選擇了這個主題。”


1985年以首張專輯《WHITNEY HOUSTON》初次亮相的休斯頓,在隨後的音樂旅程中共獲得了6次格萊美獎,迄今為止的唱片銷量高達1億7000萬張。




  1. 2010/02/06 Update:南韓新聞報導影音!


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