2010/06/17 - Manchester, England

自2009年12月展開的NBL World Tour,終於到了最終場的演出。經歷深陷毒海、離婚、戒毒、成功復出等過程的惠妮,以爆肥的身材以及一張成功的復出大碟,讓深愛過她以及開始愛上她的歌迷們,有了將近2年的美好回憶!!!

或許那個曾有過完美嗓音的阿惠,只能在過往記憶裡才能找得到。但那個用生命賦予每首歌曲生命的WHITNEY HOUSTON,依舊會是筆者我這輩子最愛的女歌手!!!


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2010/06/17 - Manchester, England
演唱會曲目 Setlist:
Video Introduction
01) For The Lovers
02) Nothing But Love 2:41 Clip
**Whitney's welcome speech 6:02 Clip | 0:31 Clip
03) I Look To You 7:19 Clip | 7:08 Clip
04) My Love Is Your Love 8:22 Clip
05) It's Not Right But It's Okay 5:44 Clip
06) Step By Step 3:42 Clip

換裝時間Costume change
* For The Love Of You (Performed by Gary Houston)
* Queen Of The Night (Performed by the Background Singers)

07) Tribute to Michael Jackson
* A Song For You

08) Love Medley
* Saving All My Love For You 1:42 Clip
* Greatest Love Of All 2:14 Clip
* I Learned From The Best 4:16 Clip

09) I Love The Lord 1:30 Clip
10) I Will Always Love You 2:49 Clip | 5:33 Clip
11) I Wanna Dance With Somebody
12) How Will I Know
13) I Didn't Know My Own Strength 3:14 Clip
14) Million Dollar Bill 2:33 Clip

Whitney Houston - Introducing The Band

Whitney thanking fans (full speech)

"I'm truly thankful, I'm truly grateful for your presence, the love and your support that you have shown me. When I started this tour, I didn't know I was going to be facing. I was very sick, I got over here and I took time to heal. I was, we were under tremendous amounts of pressure, because the Iceland vulcano erupted and we couldn't travel, so we got on ferry boats and buses. I continued to do this tour. So I really really love the fact that when you persevere and you have a goal and you keep going, even in the face of adversity sometimes. That just when they think they can count you out, you're back in, you know what I'm saying? And I believe that God decides. God the Father decides. The Holy One decides who does and who doesn't. I believe that YOU decide whom you wanna see and whom you don't. I'm thankful to you very much. To each and every one of you for not counting me out and showing me such love. Cause all I got and all I feel is love. I don't negate negativity, it thrown out in the garbage where it belongs. You tell me you want me to come back, I'll come back. You just call. I THANK YOU ALL!"



  1. 恭喜惠妮努力完成48場的演出,這場是完美的結束,最後好感人!

  2. Re.Rico:




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