【RUMOR】Whitney To Honor Dolly Parton At This Year Grammy Awards


如今更勁爆的新消息又出爐了,咱家天后Whitney Houston極有可能在今年第53屆葛萊美獎典禮上現/,為今年獲頒終生成就獎的Dolly Parton致敬獻唱,或是擔任頒獎人/引言人的角色耶!

至於咱家天后阿惠姐跟桃莉大媽有啥淵源,則是要追溯到1992年時,阿惠姐在個人首部電影作品"The Bodyguard"中,翻唱了桃莉大媽的名作"I Will Always Love You"。這部描述演歌雙棲紅星Rachel Marron遭受瘋狂歌迷死亡威脅,隨即請了一個初期相看兩相厭的保鏢Frank Farmer(當年是由凱文大叔飾演/Kevin Costner)來貼身保護咱家天后。(劇情大綱:相看兩相厭+貼身保護+墬入愛河+翻臉+以死護主+相愛無法永相隨)

It is the start of 20ll, and we are starting to see just a nip of what is to come of our favorite diva this year; Whitney Houston. We recently received news that Whitney will start recording a new album this summer, and the diva has signed on to do 2 films. But this latest rumor will be a special treat if true: Whitney is set to honor Dolly Parton at this year’s Grammy Awards In Los Angeles according to a VERY solid source. No word on if Whitney will actually perform (though that will be icing on the cake), but the source did say she will definitely honor Dolly Pardon at the Grammys this year.

As you may know, Dolly Pardon will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award this year, and who better to honor her than the woman who help bring her song (I Will Always Love You), to new heights as the biggest selling single of all time. Pardon will be honored alongside Julie Andrews on February 12, 2011, and will be formally acknowledged the next day at the Grammy Awards Ceremony.

It will be exciting to see if Whitney will sing….so Excited!!

Source:The Whitney Vault


◎ Celebration of Gospel 2011 / The show will make it network premiere on BET Sunday, January 30, 2011.
◎ 53th Grammy Awards / The show will make it network premiere on CBS February 13, 2011.

Julie Andrews and Dolly Parton Are Special Honorees at 2011 Grammys
Both of them will be presented with the lifetime achievement titles in a special ceremony on February 12, 2011, and will be formally acknowledged the next day.

Veteran entertainers Dame Julie Andrews and Dolly Parton are set to be honored with lifetime achievement Grammy awards by the U.S. National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The icons will be hailed for their contributions to music, alongside punk rockers The Ramones, The Julliard String Quartet, folk group The Kingston Trio, jazz drummer Roy Haynes and gospel star George Beverly Shea.

Neil Portnow, president of The Recording Academy, says, "It is a great honor to recognize and celebrate such a distinguished and dynamic group of honorees. Their legendary work has left a lasting impression and will continue to influence generations to come."

The lifetime achievement titles will be presented in a special ceremony on February 12, 2011, and they will be formally acknowledged at the 2011 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on February 13. The news will be a welcome distraction for Andrews as she continues to mourn the loss of her husband, comic genius Blake Edwards, who died last week at the age of 88.


Dolly Parton - I Will Always Love You @電影版本

Dolly Parton's Official Website
Dolly Parton's Official Facebook

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You


  1. 這消息...夠勁爆! XD

    話說好久沒見惠媽在Grammy上出現囉,不過如果惠媽要獻聲的話... 很好奇是會唱IWALY嗎? 還是會把大奶媽的幾首歌編成組曲呢? 看來只能靜觀其變了

    而說到終身成就獎,Grammy何時也給我們惠媽搬一個 (笑),還有...WMA不如今年也頒發個Diamond Award給惠媽好囉~哈! (我還真是個貪心的粉絲... XP)

  2. Re.Con:
    阿惠只要能出席Grammy Awards,不管唱不唱歌,我都ok!如果真的有要獻唱致敬的話,我反而希望她把IWALY稍為改編一下,改以保守內斂一點的唱腔來詮釋這首單曲....



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