Real Whitney Stands Up: Cover Is A Fake Plus Album Update
By Njai Joszor | Posted on 11/14/08 | Filed Under: R&B News, Whitney Houston
As you probably knew, the Whitney Houston "Undefeated" cover was a hoax.

"The allegedly 'new' Whitney Houston album cover circulating throughout the internet is not a legitimate cover for Ms. Houston's forthcoming Arista disc," Houston's label rep said Thursday.

The photo, pictured here, was reportedly created by a fan and sent to numerous blogs earlier this week.

In related news, Whitney Houston is reportedly in the studio putting finishing touches on her forthcoming album.

"Ms. Houston is still recording and we look forward to unveiling new music along with the official album cover in due time," says Arista.

Whitney Houston's forthcoming project is rumored to feature production/collaborations with Akon, Bryan Michael Cox, and Ne-Yo.


芭樂情歌製造機Diane Warren最近在訪談中提及幫惠妮復出專輯所做的新歌消息...

I have a great song Whitney Houston's doing that I think she's going to sing as her comeback song. It's called "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" and I really wrote it for her -- and I don't really write songs for people a lot of times, but I wrote that for her. She sounds great from what I heard.



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