Houston no problem to work with: Foster

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Last Updated: 17th December 2008, 1:39am

Celine Dion stands out in David Foster's new book, Hit Man, as his favourite artist to work with, but there is one artist who was so difficult that Foster says he'll never do it again "for no amount of money."

However, Foster doesn't name names in the book or in person.

"I didn't write about it," Foster said. "That would be very cruel to say that."

And before you go thinking it was Whitney Houston -- who has made headlines more recently for drug use and fighting with her ex-husband Bobby Brown (who she divorced in 2007) than for making music -- you would be wrong.

"She and I have been trying to get back into the studio for the last year," Foster said. "And I have a song I produced that my friend Diane Warren wrote, and this song is spectacular. And actually I just got a call from Whitney's camp a couple of weeks ago saying she'd like to do the vocal. And I was in New York and I couldn't do it -- so our schedules are kind of off, but I think she's ready to sing again."

Foster says he never saw Houston and Brown fighting when they were in the studio with him, most famously when she was recording I Will Always Love You from The Bodyguard soundtrack.

"They loved the hell out of each other, it was amazing. They really loved each other and he was very supportive of her in the studio. I'm not just glossing this over, this is what I saw."

Source:Winnipeg Sun.com
David Foster日前接受訪問說:2007年他曾經幫Whitney製作過一首由Diane Warren撰寫的歌曲,兩週前David Foster與Whitney的唱片公司人員聯絡,唱片公司表示Whitney不太喜歡去年錄音時的嗓音,有意重新錄製,但因為David Foster人在紐約又有其他工作在身而婉拒。

David Foster提到,他認為Whitney已經準備好了,要再重振歌唱事業。

David Foster也提及當初灌錄"終極保鑣"原聲帶時,在他的印象中,巴比布朗和惠媽十分的相愛,並不見言語或肢體上的衝突。


  1. 若這報導屬實,我還蠻期待女神的復出!

  2. To Rico:
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