The "Star Spangled Banner" as Pop Hit - A Brief History


Tuesday February 17, 2009

This past week Jennifer Hudson's performance of the "Star Spangled Banner" at Super Bowl XLIII edged on to the pop singles chart at #98. As the US national anthem, the song is one of the most played and performed. However, it has only made a few appearances on the US pop singles chart. All of the performances that have reached the pop singles chart have been recordings from sports events.

The first time the "Star Spangled Banner" reached the US pop singles chart was in 1968. Latin pop star Jose Feliciano, who had just made a huge splash on the charts with a top 10 smash version of the Doors' "Light My Fire," was invited to sing the national anthem at the 5th game of the baseball world series in Detroit, Michigan. He strummed his guitar and sang a bluesy interpretation of the song. There was an immediate backlash from those who interpreted the performance as disrespectful. Some believe it destroyed Feliciano's pop career. A recording of the performance reached #50 on the pop singles chart in November 1968.

The second appearance on the charts of the "Star Spangled Banner" was not nearly so controversial. On the heels of nine #1 pop singles, Whitney Houston was invited to perform the national anthem at Super Bowl XXV in 1991 with the US at war in the Persian Gulf. Her performance was such a powerful moment that Arista released a single of the live recording. It reached the top 20 on Billboard's Hot 100. 10 years later in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Whitney Houston's recording was released once again to inspire patriotism. This time it reached the top 10 becoming easily the biggest hit version ever of the "Star Spangled Banner."

8 years later Jennifer Hudson's version of the national anthem is the 3rd recording of the "Star Spangled Banner" to reach the pop singles charts. Check out the performances below.

* Watch Jose Feliciano talk about and perform the "Star Spangled Banner"
* Watch Whitney Houston perform the "Star Spangled Banner"
* Watch Jennifer Hudson perform the "Star Spangled Banner"

在美國,在超級盃開場演唱國歌,隨後還將美國國歌發行成單曲的,總共有Jose Feliciano(這個大叔,我真的不認識....)、Whitney Houston以及剛從傷痛中走出來的Jennifer Hudson這3位。

Jose Feliciano大叔的美國國歌錄音版本,在1968年11月獲得單曲榜第50名的佳績。
Whitney Houston的美國國歌錄音版本,在當年則是最高名次到達第20名,2001/9/11事件,惠媽的美國國歌錄音版本,再次攻入單曲排行榜,最高名次爬升到第10名。
Jennifer Hudson於本月初的美國國歌錄音版本,則在這週(首週)打入熱門單曲前100名,本週名次為第98名。

Jennifer Hudson的首張同名專輯,目前已經開始打第二波單曲『If This Isn't Love』,新單曲MV也已經曝光....

Jennifer Hudson - If This Isn't Love


  1. 雖然珍哈唱的不錯


  2. To Eric:

    Jennifer Hudson的首張同名專輯,其實還蠻耐聽的說!

  3. 我記得911時 最高名次是第6名

  4. 由於您匿名,我也不知道該如何稱呼你(妳)....XD


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