2010/05/26 - Oberhausen, Germany

德國巡演第七場,惠媽來到Oberhausen。這場的曲目排序,稍有變動。每場必唱的I Will Always Love You被移到Encore曲Million Dollar Bill之後,變成整場最後一首歌,而且整個編曲大改過,進歌沒多久就直接唱到副歌精華AND III~了,高潮段編曲與合聲部分也都直接改過,再加上KEY也調升了,整個好聽程度大大提升喔!!!

惠媽在唱完Love Medley之後,發現前排一位舉牌歌迷,可能是惠妮心情不錯吧?!惠妮把麥克風遞給歌迷暢所欲言,這位歌迷開始感謝惠妮,感謝惠妮的回歸、感謝惠妮靠勇氣渡過一切、感謝惠妮的音樂、感謝惠妮的愛.....

在聽完歌迷的真心告白後,咱家阿惠哭成淚人兒,接著把獻唱的曲目I Love The Lord整首歌獻給這位歌迷~





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2010/05/26 - Oberhausen, Germany
演唱會曲目 Setlist:
Video Introduction
01) For The Lovers
02) Nothing But Love 1:14 Clip
03) I Look To You Part 1 | Part 2
04) My Love Is Your Love Part 1 | Part 2
05) It's Not Right But It's Okay 3:29 Clip
** Whitney talks to little boy, fans 3:30 Clip

換裝時間Costume change
* For The Love Of You (Performed by Gary Houston)
* Queen Of The Night (Performed by the Background Singers)

06) Tribute to Michael Jackson
* A Song For You 2:48 Clip

07) Love Medley 4:47 Clip
* Saving All My Love For You 1:38 Clip
* Greatest Love Of All
* I Learned From The Best 3:40 Clip

** Fan's message to Whitney 3:12 Clip
08) I love The Lord 4:00 Clip
09) I Wanna Dance With Somebody 3:33 Clip
10) How Will I Know HWIK/IDKMOS 7:38 Clip
11) I Didn't Know My Own Strength
12) Million Dollar Bill
13) I Will Always Love You 2:24 Clip



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