Whitney's Family Dinner

就在這個月的10號(Oct 10,2010)
Whitney與前夫Bobby Brown及女兒Kristina Brown共進晚餐~
(照片由Kristina Brown提供)

據Krissi Brown在其推特上發文表示,此次的家庭聚餐,大家相談甚歡咧...


Source:Kristina Brown

這個時候,很適合點一下惠媽的單曲It's Not Right But It's Okay來聽一下~

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right But It's Okay (Brit Awards 1999 Live)

Dionne Warwick Speaks Out In Defense Of Her Cousin Whitney Houston

In her new memoir, My Life, As I See It, singer Dionne Warwick says this about poor Whitney's plight:

"She was tested when she married Bobby Brown, as well all know.

"The marriage seemed to be working out at first and probably would have continued to if other people's opinions had not affected them."

So Whitney and Bobby were a good match--it's just other people's opinions that messed up their relationship???



"Nippy got involved with things that were never a part of the lifestyle she was brought up in.

"But she ultimately came to the realization that she was doing harm to herself.

"She also knows the words and worth of prayer and has used it to bring her through all of the trials and tribulations put before her.

"That's why she continues to pass the tests of life with an A+."

Does this strike you as inspirational, goodie-goodie, denialist bullshit, by any chance?

(Not me, mind you.)

Source:Village Voice (blog)

2010/11/05 Update:

針對近日八卦媒體(國家詢問報National Enquirer)的報導,又把惠媽的這場家庭聚會編寫成-毒海鴛鴦復合記,惠媽的發言人正式提出聲明否認這項不實傳聞囉....

Whitney Houston - Houston's Rep Denies Brown Reconciliation Report

Houston's Rep Denies Brown Reconciliation Report

WHITNEY HOUSTON's spokesperson has dismissed claims the singer has reconciled with ex-husband BOBBY BROWN.

America's National Enquirer reported the two shared an "intimate" dinner last month (Oct10), and "secretly renewed their romance" - even though Brown is engaged to marry girlfriend Alicia Etheridge.

But Houston's representative has denied the report, telling GossipCop.com the claims are "not even remotely accurate".

Brown divorced the singer in 2007 after a turbulent 15 year marriage, which saw the couple spiral into drug addiction.



  1. Update:補上惠媽提出聲明否認要與Bobby Brown復合的相關新聞!!!


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