Soul singer Loleatta Holloway dies aged 64

靈魂樂女伶Loleatta Holloway於昨晚(March 21)病逝,享年64歲!

咱家天后Whitney Houston在2009年以Million Dollar Bill一曲,拿下Billboard舞曲榜冠軍。該曲就是取樣於Loleatta Holloway的單曲"We're getting stronger"。

American soul icon Loleatta Holloway, best known for her 1980 hit "Love Sensation," has died at the age of 64, her manager confirmed.

Chicago-born Holloway had been battling a short period of ill health and died from heart failure late Monday, her manager Ron Richardson told music website

Holloway, who was also known for disco song "Hit and Run," successfully sued UK dance act Blackbox for a share of royalties from the group's 1989 number one single "Ride On Time," which sampled "Love Sensation" without credit.

Her work has also been sampled by Whitney Houston, for the star's 2009 hit "Million Dollar Bill" and by US singer-turned actor Mark Wahlberg for his 1991 number one "Good Vibrations," with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

Twitter tributes for the singer poured in Tuesday from fans and celebrities, including DJs Giles Petersen and Boy George.

來回顧一下Loleatta Holloway的經典名曲吧....

Only You

Love Sensation


Hit and Run

We're Getting Stronger

R.I.P. Loleatta Holloway...


  1. We're Getting Stronger 很好聽,Million Dollar Bill 也很讚,Alica Key 真的是很不錯的現代創作女歌手。
    話說最近惠媽還真是安靜... 還真的是一點消息都沒有,惠媽趕快出來曬曬太陽見見大家吧,別老宅著 (攤手~)

  2. Re.Con:
    Alicia Keys真的是很棒的創作型歌手,人美又會唱+不愛搞怪,光這幾點就能難能可貴.....
    身為Arista Records頭牌一姐的阿惠,除了在家教養小孩外,真的該出來曬曬太陽了!畢竟女兒若真的要去勒戒的話,那可是很花錢的說,難不成真的要讓她的寶貝女兒,如小報所言,跑去拍實鏡秀嗎?!


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