Amy Winehouse Banned From the U.S. (Again)

Amy Winehouse再次被美國拒絕入境!

A year and a half after she was barred from entering the country to attend the Grammys because of a drug rap, U.S. authorities are now refusing to grant the "Rehab" singer a work visa to perform at next month's Coachella festival, citing her assault arrest last week.

Her rep said that Winehouse would not be able to appear at the mega festival in Indio, Calif., due to her "current legal issues."

"[Her] legal case would not be sorted out in time for her to make the music fest," said publicist Chris Goodman.

That means Winehouse will no longer be part of a high-octane lineup that includes Paul McCartney, the Cure, the Killers, Leonard Cohen, My Bloody Valentine and Conor Oberst, among many others.

The visa decision is a big blow to Winehouse, who has been trying to work through her myriad personal issues and focus on her career.

Winehouse's latest trouble dates back to her September set at London's exclusive End of Summer Ball. According to police, the diva purportedly went Sean Penn on a fan who wanted a photograph.

The 25-year-old singer has been ordered to appear at the City of Westminster Magistrates Court to face a common assault charge on March 17.

By now, she knows the drill.

Last April, police cautioned her after she smacked a man's face, an incident for which she later apologized after voluntarily turning herself in and being held in custody overnight. It's not known how that transgression will affect her current case.

Winehouse was previously prohibited from playing in the U.S. ahead of last year's Grammys after she was busted in Norway on a pot charge. By the time her lawyers managed to convince immigration officials to reverse the decision, it was too late and the songstress ended up performing live via satellite, and wound up winning five trophies, including Album of the Year.

As of press time, Winehouse was still listed as a performer on Coachella's website.

Source:E! Online

Coachella音樂季活動官網:Coachella's website

嗑很兇女伶Amy Winehouse應邀將在April 17-18-19, 2009舉行的Coachella音樂季中表演,進而向美國提出入境申請。

但因嗑很兇女伶Amy Winehouse的負面新聞不斷(嗑藥、酒吧打人鬧事、進勒戒所......),導致美國方面再次拒絕Amy Winehouse的入境申請。

Amy Winehouse上次被拒絕則是在一年半以前,Amy Winehouse當時是為了參加2008葛萊美頒獎典禮而提出入境申請。

目前在Coachella音樂季活動官網中,參加演出藝人名單,尚未將Amy Winehouse從名單中摘除。


來回顧一下嗑很兇女伶Amy Winehouse在2008年葛萊美的表演吧!



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