Whitney Houston on E! Entertainment News Tonight

Heads up Whitney fans!! E! Entertainment News is expected to run a piece on Whitney Houston TONIGHT, covering her appearance at BET's Celebration of Gospel. This is a segment you won't want to miss!! E! Entertainment News will air 7:00 P.M. and again at 11:30 P.M. this evening, Tuesday February 1st.

惠媽將會在今晚7點及11點30分播出的娛樂新聞E! Entertainment News出現喔!新聞報導會針對惠媽在BET's Celebration of Gospel的演出,有深入評論,請大家記得鎖定....

Source:The Official Whitney Houston Site


  1. 看了這場, 我覺得Kim Burrell的聲音狀況不太好...
    btw 她唱I believe in you & me很有味道!!

  2. Re.a-farn:
    Kim Burrell最近可能太操勞了,她演出的場次爆多!
    她演唱的"I Believe In You And Me",之前有傳過說會收在她的最新專輯裡,她的版本也很棒啦!


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