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Whitney Houston arriving at a London Hotel( 2010 -April-08)
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英國媒體報導UK Media Reports:

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Whitney Arrives In London

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Whitney Houston touched down in London this week and was photographed looking healthy and happy. Whitney has been battling an upper respiratory infection the past few days but is now gearing up to start the UK leg of her tour next week.

Source:The Official Whitney Houston Site


I Look To You 專輯成績

◎R&B/Hip-Hop Albums 節奏藍調/嘻哈專輯榜 #64 (進榜第31週,上週名次 #59)

Worth It 單曲成績

◎R&B/Hip-Hop 單曲榜 #78 (進榜第8周,上週名次 #72)


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