2010/04/22 - Newcastle, UK

惠媽的英國巡演,來到Newcastle。此晚的演出,是歐洲巡演的第6場,這次的演出曲目,稍有異動,新碟中的招牌立志歌曲I Didn't Know My Own Strength,在這場演出中,也有排入曲目中...


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2010/04/22 - Newcastle, UK
演唱會曲目 Setlist:
01) For The Love FTL Part I | FTL Part II | 1:26 Clip
02) Nothing But Love
03) I Look To You
04) My Love Is Your Love 0:33 Clip
05) It's Not Right But It's Okay 0:21 Clip

換裝時間Costume change
* For The Love Of You (Performed by Gary Houston)
* Queen Of The Night (Performed by the Background Singers)
* Video Montage - One Moment in Time

06) Tribute to Michael Jackson
* A Song For You 2:38 Clip

07) Love Medley
* Saving All My Love For You 0:41 Clip
* All At Once 0:46 Clip
* Greatest Love Of All 1:47 Clip
* I Learned From The Best

08) I Will Always Love You IWALY Part 1 | IWALY Part 2 | IWALY Part 3

樂隊介紹The band introduction
09) I love The Lord 2:59 Clip

10) I Wanna Dance with Somebody 1:234 Clip
11) How Will I Know 0:26 Clip
12) I Didn't Know My Own Strength IDKMOS Part I | IDKMOS Part II
13) Million Dollar Bill 2:20 Clip




  1. 我喜歡這場,雖然聲音啞啞的,但暴衝的態度讓我願意給你85分,ㄎㄎㄎ。

  2. Re.Rico:


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