Deborah Cox接受專訪談及新工作計畫及對Whitney復出的看法

Fast & Furious: Deborah Cox goes green for LA Pride

Deborah Cox’s unwavering support for the gays isn’t anything new. Now, though, she’s also turning her attention to the earth. The big-voiced belter known for her hit “Absolutely Not” was crowned “National Green With Pride Ambassador” for L.A. Pride, which is launching an eco-friendly approach to this year’s June 13-14 festivities in West Hollywood.

Out spoke with the R&B diva -- and longtime LGBT-rights supporter -- about going green, her three (!) upcoming albums, and what everyone’s wondering lately: Can Whitney Houston really make a comeback?

Out: You’re killing two birds with one stone here, supporting the gays and a green initiative. Have you cared about earth issues for as long as you’ve cared about gay ones?

Deborah Cox: Yeah, I was an early supporter of bringing your own shopping bags to certain supermarkets. Living in California for a while, [and then] moving here to Florida, I was subconsciously living green again -- walking to certain stores, or whatever. I guess the reason I really decided to come on board as a national ambassador specifically for Green With Pride is because I work out, I go to gyms -- with [my] kids, we drink a lot of water, and we have sippy cups and bottles -- so when [I heard] about these water bottles that have their own filtration system [Clear2Go is the presenting sponsor for L.A. Pride], I was like, “That’s really brilliant.” It really completely cuts down on cost and on the amount of plastic that you use. I just fell in love with the whole idea, and I decided to help bring it to the forefront. I think everyone should have one.

Were you raised to think green?

We were never people that would waste anything, so growing up in Canada we were recycling way, way, way, way back. In the area that we lived in, we had three and four boxes -- plastics, paper, newspaper, the whole thing. It wasn’t until I moved to L.A. that I realized that they were kind of behind the ball [laughs]. The building that we lived in, they weren’t recycling.

How do you attempt to converse energy or remain earth conscious while you’re making music?

Well, by doing 12- and 16-page booklets, we’ve really cut down on the amount of paper we’ve used for the CD booklets.

You’ve done a lot of Prides before, not necessarily green ones, but what keeps you coming back to them?

Oh, man -- just the energy of the people. I’m sort of summoned every Pride [laughs], but I’m really passionate about human rights issues, and [at Pride] everyone has one agenda. It’s really exhilarating performing in front of a crowd that has just one agenda, and that’s just to be dealt with in a human way -- a civil way. So, I try to be at as many Prides as I can, just to show my love and support for the crowd that has supported me for so many years as well.

Plus it’s probably exciting seeing a sea of people flailing their hands up, singing “Absolutely Not.”

It’s a totally exhilarating experience. Thousands of people singing the words -- yeah, it’s amazing. There’s nothing like gay pride, really.

Any specifics moments from Pride that stand out to you?

I would have to say Australian Pride when I did Mardi Gras a few years ago in Sydney. “Absolutely Not” was the newest single at the time, and there were 20 drag queens all dressed in Chanel [laughs] and a huge Chanel bag on stage. The production of that Pride was just way over the top, but it was so amazing. And I came in on this moving riser, they were like, [sings] “Absolutely not!”

The Promise is currently out, but do you have any new projects in the works?

I’m actually getting ready to compile the music for a Christmas album that’s probably going to be put out -- not this year, but probably next year. Also, [I’m] picking songs for the new album, getting ready to go back in the studio to record the new one.

A new contemporary R&B album?
Yeah. And another remix album!

Gee, you’ve got a lot going on.

Yes! [Laughs]

I’m not really sure what kind of relationship you have with Whitney Houston outside of your duet with her on “Same Script, Different Cast,” but with her new album due out in September, do you think she can make a successful comeback?

Yeah, absolutely. The voice is the voice. There are still a lot of Whitney fans, including myself, that still love and adore her, so if she just continues to do those classic ballads that we all love for her to sing, and just stand in that fierce dress and deliver, she’ll be great.

訪談裡花了很大的篇幅談及Deborah Cox的環保綠生活。

Deborah Cox手邊有2張新專輯正在進行中,其中一張是聖誕專輯(預計2010年推出),另外一張全新錄音室專輯則會是張R&B混音專輯,目前則是在收歌階段,Deborah Cox已經準備進錄音室錄音。

當記者問及Deborah Cox對Whitney復出的看法,Deborah Cox強調說:惠媽的復出一定會很成功,因為包括她自己在內,很多人都是惠妮迷,而且大家都愛惠妮。

Deborah Cox去年推出的『The Promise』專輯,我還蠻喜歡的。雖說都是慢歌為主,但真的耐聽,台灣目前依舊沒人代理發行,希望如果有人代理發行的話,能多加收幾首混音單曲咧~

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