Mariah Carey's Hong Kong & UK Listening Party

試聽會preview 6首新歌,讓廣大瑪迷望梅止渴一下!

Universal Hong Kong listening party for Mariah's New Album

Hong Kong was lucky enough to have a listening event for Mariah Carey’s forthcoming album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.

The preview was of only six tracks & was held at Universal Hong Kong for regional marketing staff and media:

"Obsessed" - Everyone knows this track…

"Candy Bling" - Mariah's slowest jam to date, I can't quite think of a song to compare it to…….. *scratches head…..*

"Standing O" - Very Mary J. Blige imo, ‘Standing O-O-O-O-O…..’ Another urban/r&b type song.

"H-A-T-E-U"- Much much better than the demo leaked, but the overall melody and production is the same and the baby sound is still there.

"Impossible" - Another slow ballad…. very Blackstreet… Jodeci references in the lyrics…

"I Want To Know What Love Is" - It's got that whole TTR vibe… breathy 1st chorus, then it’s bring on the choir, but it's not OTT, alot better than Tina Arena's rendition imo. But I don't think it's gonna have the same impact as ‘Without You’… but who knows…

I didn't hear any pop songs or upbeat songs as such, didn't get to hear the Timbaland produced track, nor the other demo. Mariah sings alot in her lower register and the songs above highlight that alot. Although I didn't hear imo an "instant hit" e.g. WBT (they might be saving those biggies for later)….Overall, we have a very exciting album that's coming, the songs I've heard have a mid-late 90's feel to them, this is not neccessarily a bad thing as songs back then were the sh!tz, I've got a feeling M.O.A.I.A. will be pure quality.

The six songs previewed were all produced by Mariah and The-Dream, I Want To Know What Love is produced by Mariah, The-Dream & Big Jim. Although the six songs were produced by Mariah and The-Dream, rest assured they don't sound the same. Production wise is really good.

My favourite track is H-A-T-E U and if I'm not wrong, the Youtube clip of the song is the Bridge part, I don't believe the demo had a Bridge section. The lyrics are different Mariah's lyrics flow much more and Mariah's voice is of course much better than The-Dreams.

‘Standing O' or ‘Standing Ovation' whatever it's going to be finally called is another great track and alot of the ppl liked it. It has alot of attitude.

High Notes…. there were high notes, they weren't in the background like E=MC2… but there's no Bliss or Emotions type of high notes… if I remember correctly the high notes seem to be in place… if you know what I mean… they didn’t seem out of place..

Source:Mariah Carey Connection

UK's listening party for Mariah's New Album

Today a playback was held for the first six tracks of Mariah's new album, Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel, in the UK and this is what DJ Bigger has to say about it:

“Just heard 6 cuts from Mariah Carey's new album the killers are Candy Bling, Impossible and a breathtaking soulful cover version of the Foreigner soft rock classic I Want To Know What Love Is which really has to be heard to be believed it really is jaw dropping. The album’s title is “Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel”. It is out on September 14th.”

Radio 1xtra DJ Ronnie Herel says “Candy Bling” is his standout track by Mariah Carey:

“Checked 6 cutz off Mariah's album 2day. Watchout for ‘Candy Bling’ (Sounds ridiculous but…) its BIG Produced by The Dream / Tricky Stewart”

Jasmine Dotiwala also attended the listening party and has just posted these messages on her twitter account:

Update 1: So at MC's session they played 6 tracks. Candy Bling, Obsessed, H.A.T.E.U, Standing O, Impossible (my fav!),and the Foreigner cover “I Wanna Know…

Update 2: Everyone broke out into spontanious applause afta “I wanna know” & I think a few “heads” liked candy bling..lots of pop radio folks in there.

Update 3: MC woulda loved the venue for todays listening session, decadent,pink cup cakes,tiny finger sandwiches and vino-classic and chic….

Update 4: Candy bling pays ode 2 the classic line “back in the day when I was young-im not a kid anymore but some days I sit n wish I was a kid again’

Update 5: “Impossible” is beautiful-in honour of mr NC..a heart on sleeve talk about our love classic “u did the impossible”….”I love u like….”

Source:Mariah Connection UK




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