Mariah與Whitney意外成為師姐妹,目前都由同一家公關公司Powerhouse 經手新專輯宣傳工作!

人生的際遇真的很奇怪,繞了一大圈,Mariah Carey再度回頭委任Powerhouse這家公關公司,為其操刀新專輯Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel的宣傳工作。

目前Powerhouse手上正經手的案子,包括Whitney Houston的最新專輯I Look To You的宣傳工作。也就是說,惠媽跟發福蝶,現在是另類同門師姐妹...XD

Mariah Revs Up New CD, Returns to Powerhouse PR

Mariah Carey—despite idiotic postings elsewhere—is gearing up for her big new CD release.

Mariah feels so strongly about “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” that she's even re-hired the PR powerhouse that made her second-stage career such a success. She's back with Cindi Berger of PMK HBH. It was Berger who made her “Emancipation of Mimi” the biggest hit of Mariah's career. Smart move.

Of course, that means both Mariah and Whitney Houston are now being repped by the same PR company. PMK's Kristen Foster is handling Whitney with my old pal, Jill Fritzo.

“Memoirs” was scheduled for an August 25th release, then moved to September 15th. Now it's set for September 29th. If the regular Grammy deadline had been in place—September 30th—Mariah would have made it. But the unfortunate early deadline of August 31st cut her off. So she has some slack time to get “Memoirs” just right.

The first single from Mariah's CD will not be “Obsessed”—that was just a summer trifle, and it was a lot of fun. The real first official single is said to be a powerhouse ballad along the lines of “Vision of Love.”

Source:SHOWBIZ 411

Mariah Carey的最新專輯Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel,最早是預定在2009/08/25發行,後來一度延期到2009/09/15,目前最新消息(也經咪咪的官網確認)將會在2009/09/29全球發行。

目前咪咪的新專輯,已經確定來不及報名2010年的葛萊美獎。兩度延後發行的咪咪新碟Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel,將會與Madonna的精選輯Celebration正面交鋒。


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